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Abdominoplasty surgery

Abdominoplasty surgery

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty surgery is the most popular cosmetic surgery, which is used to make the abdomen firmer. The surgical procedure involves removal of excess fat or skin from the lower and middle abdomen in order to tighten the fascia or middle of the abdomen wall.
Amdominoplasty surgery is recommended for people having sagging after major weight loss or patients having loose tissues post pregnancy. There are different abdominoplasty surgical procedures present like complete abdominoplasty, partial abdominoplasty, extended abdominoplasty and circumferential abdominoplasty. Sometimes abdominoplasty is performed in combination of other cosmetic surgical procedures to achieve the desired results.

The abdominoplasty surgery has very less or no complications but it is advisable for patients who wish to undergo this surgery to discuss everything well in advance so that they are clear about the process followed and get aware of the risks involved in the process.

Procedure of Abdominoplasty

The following is the procedure involved in abdominoplasty surgery. Generally the people who prefer this surgery are people with abnormal body shapes. The most commonly performed abdominoplasty surgeries are mini or partial abdominoplasty or complete abdominoplasty. The process for each type varies accordingly and the type of process is selected depending on the condition and state of the abdomen of the person.

In the complete tummy tuck or abdominoplasty the proper mapping of the abdomen is performed on the operating area. Once this is done a cut is made just above the pubic region along the hip and the lower abdomen. Incision is dome in order to separate the naval from the rest of the skin. Detaching the skin from the abdomen exposes those muscles and façade, which need to be constricted. The abnormalities and anomalies are sorted out and sealed completely. Liposuction surgical procedure is used for setting the skin in order. Once the defect is sealed belly button stack is removed from the new area and is then sewn up the area.

Doctors make use of compression garment in some cases along with the dressing to the abdomen, which will help in draining out the extra fluids. The complete abdominoplasty surgery lasts for around five hours. Some people undergo extended abdominoplasty. This type of surgery extends to the flanks and thighs of the body.

Abdominoplasty surgery forms one part of the body lifts surgical procedure and mostly can be used in combination with other cosmetic surgeries like breast surgery, hysterectomy and liposuction surgery. The recovery process of the abdominoplasty surgery is very short and minimum and normally doctor advices two to four weeks of rest so that at least some part of the area on which the surgery performed heals.

During the recovery process one should not engage in any intense activity and should not put pressure on the abdomen. One can experience some distress and tinting in the operated areas. People should completely refrain and avoid usage of harmful substances, nicotine and drugs during and after the abdominoplasty surgery in order to experience maximum benefits for the rest of the life.

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