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Breast reconstructive surgery

Breast reconstructive surgery

Cosmetic surgeries have gained in popularity over the years and they are used not only to achieve perfect body shape rather but also to rectify injuries and physical defects caused due to genetics, accidents and diseases.
This helps in improving the self-esteem and morale of the people. Technical advancements in the surgeries even increased the success rates thus helping in achieving overall perfection of the physique.

Breast reconstructive surgery is performed to rebuild the shape of the breasts after mastectomy. The procedure involves usage of prosthetic material or autologous tissue in order to construct a natural looking artificial breast. It involves using of relocated flaps or implants of tissues from the patient.

This is particularly helpful for women who suffer mentally and emotionally after surviving breast cancer involving partial or full removal of boobs. The breast reconstructive surgery improves the self-image and sex life of women.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery Advances

There is lot of technical and medical advancements in breast reconstructive surgery. Two frequently involved techniques are as follows. One type of advancement involves usage of patientís own tissue usually from the area of abdomen or buttocks or back. In order to reduce pain caused to the patientís other parts now surgeons have started using tissues from cadavers and pigs. Patients also have the option of undergoing prosthetic implant in a temporary or permanent manner.
Temporary prosthetic implantation involves visits to the doctor saline injections injected into the expandable implant. A typical breast reconstruction recovery time is around six weeks but again it completely depends on the condition of the patient and techniques of the surgery involved. Breast reconstructive surgery done using prosthetic implantation yields quicker and faster results compared to the harvesting techniques.

People who are considering the option of undergoing breast reconstructive surgery must make sure that they have all expert doctors in the medical team apart from just a plastic surgeon. This makes one to understand clearly the risks and after effects that are involved in the breast reconstructive surgery.

Expectations from Breast Reconstructive Surgery

The surgery can last for more than few hours and the plastic surgeon may opt to perform the breast reconstructive surgery either at the hospital, an ambulatory surgical facility or accredited office based surgical facility. Decisions on anesthesia will depend on consideration of the patient, surgeonís preference and requirements of specific procedure.

Incisions made for implant placement are done near unseen areas either around the nipple, under the armpit or under the breast. This is determined by the breast implants size and shape and also the anatomy of the person. Depending on the advice of the physician and the preferences of the patient either silicone or saline gel implants are used in order to ensure structural integrity of the breasts. Patient will be provided detailed instructions and is required to follow up to optimize the healing process. The post surgical process of breast reconstructive surgery is around 24-48 hours with reduced activity spreading over for several days. Healing procedure is continuous till swelling subside and incision lines dissipate.

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