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Breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery

Women having large breasts often suffer enormous pain. This also results in skeletal deformities, bra indentations, neck and back pain.
Women also have to undergo the embarrassment of finding suitable cloths that fit them. Now with the advancements in medical and cosmetic fields they can put an end to their sufferings by undergoing breast reduction surgery.

Breast reduction surgery provides women with wonderful option of reducing the size of their breasts. Generally women who find the extreme difficulty of undergoing their day-to-day activities will undergo this surgery. Even women who are very conscious of their large breasts also undergo this treatment.

Breast Reduction Surgery Overview

Doctors can make use of different methods available to conduct breast reduction surgery for the benefit of the patient. The method of the surgery depends on the type of the woman’s body, her aversion to scarring and her desired size. Women can undergo traditional breast reduction surgery under anesthesia either at ambulatory center or in hospital.

An inverted T shaped incision is made with a cut around areola and with a continuous vertical line starting from the nipple that is finished under the breast fold. The surgeon removes the excess fat once the incision is made and tissue it to bring the bust to the desired size of the patient. In order to eliminate the sagging look the nipple and areola will also be moved higher up if required.

Vertical breast reduction is the middle level approach. In this procedure the incision is made vertically down the breasts and around areola in the shape of lollipop. This method is suitable for modest and minimum reduction of breast in women as fewer incisions are made compared to traditional method of breast reduction surgery.

Liposuction is used to remove excess tissue and fast in scar less breast reduction. In this only ¼ inch incision is made in the breast fold. Then for liposuction a canulla is inserted in the breast fold in order to remove excess tissues and fats. As this procedure doesn’t have additional cutting, pain or scarring the surgery requires only local anesthesia and one night sleep. This treatment is suitable for patients who prefer to undergo treatment with out any scarring.

The reduction of asymmetry with out any scars is suitable only for women who require only minor surgery. Liposuction treatment in this method cannot remove higher amounts of fats present in the breast. It is also not effective in breast lifting during reduction or bringing up the nipples when they are still facing downwards.

Insurance and Breast Reduction Surgery

The most common question every one faces is whether breast reduction surgery is covered by insurance. Almost all the types of breast reduction surgeries are covered under insurance, but it is better that woman contact and enquires her insurance company to know the details and then decide on the type of breast reduction surgery to undergo. But generally insurance companies are aware of the complications of the large size of breasts and so these common breast reduction surgeries are covered.

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