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Brow lift surgery

Brow lift surgery

People are never tired of exploring new ways to prevent aging and always present younger look to the relatives, friends,
colleagues and family. So there are many cosmetic procedures and medical treatments that are available for the benefit of the people and one can choose any one of them to become younger in the way they look like.

Whatever procedures you follow, if you donít prevent your face from aging then everything will be in vain. This explains how much your facial features and looks mean to others. For a person it may look stupid to undergo brow lift surgery just to lift the sag in the eyebrows but the complete changed facial look after the surgery causes astonishment to the person who underwent the surgery himself.

Techniques of Brow Lift Surgery

Eyebrow lift or forehead lift are the other synonyms for brow lift surgery help people achieve refreshingly younger facial look by eyebrow line elevation, reduction of frown lines and forehead smothering. Brow lift surgery is a simple and short process and even the recovery process is very short with patients experiencing minimum discomfort. Brow lift surgery delivers the following benefits and advantages to the people by removing and lifting excess forehead skins, which has lost elasticity over the passage of time, repositioning the eyebrow line, elevating the forehead and smoothening of fine lines and creases.

Coronal brow lift is the traditional brow lift surgery, which makes an incision straight across the patientís forehead. The doctor then rearranges some of the muscles that are causing the telltale sag on the eyes. The surgeon will sew the area after removing the excess tissue, scalp and muscle. But even though this is the tried and tested method it leaves the patients with the feeling of numbness for many months.

Subcutaneous brow lift is suitable for people who are worried about their hairline moving up. This procedure doesnít result in any numbness and also doesnít involve any moving up of the hairline. Most likely a patient will have a scar on his face. So patient should undergo this treatment only if his or her hair can conceal the scar.

The most famous and advanced brow lift surgery technique is the endosdcopic brow lift. This treatment involves making of several incisions behind the hairline. The surgeon then places an endoscope camera along these cuts so that there is increased visibility when the treatment is performed. The usage of advanced techniques and endoscope camera solves the problem of making large incisions as in other treatments. But the major disadvantage in this endoscopic brow lift is that the surgeon cannot remove the scalp and it is only shifted and screwed in a place.

So a patient in consultation with the surgeon should select the most appropriate and suitable brow lift surgery procedure that produces the desired results. Even though facial creams and makeup can cover some of the facial aging symptoms drooping eyebrow line can be rectified only by brow lift surgery giving a fresh and young look to the person.

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