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Chin liposuction surgery

Chin liposuction surgery

People always look to do away with double chin. Extra and excess fat is always a problem and there is no way one can hide extra fat that is present on jaw line or chin. There are many cosmetic surgical options available to eliminate the worry of the people faced with this kind of problem.
Even though you have tried different options like chin wraps, chin exercises and dieting with no tangible results you need not feel dejected as there is chin liposuction surgery that is known to produce excellent and guaranteed results making you happy.

The procedure for chin liposuction surgery produces radical results in the removal of fatty deposits around the neck and chin. The treatment can also eliminate forever the problem of double chin without any side effects.

Types of Face Chin Liposuction Surgery

There are different types of chin liposuction surgery and one should select a surgery that is best suitable, convenient and the one that produces the best longstanding results in consultation with the doctor. The different types of chin liposuction surgery include traditional surgery and laser surgery.

Traditional chin liposuction surgery procedure involves making of 2-4 cm long small incisions under the ears and in the chin. Some oral incisions are also done in the mouth by expert surgeons. The incisions are done with the help of injecting local anesthesia in the neck. The skin and the tissues underlying are lifted with the help of tumescence technique in order to accommodate the suction device liposuction cannula, which sucks the excess fat. The high frequency oscillations produced from the cannula dissolves the fat cells, which are then sucked by the vacuum device.

For the removal of any other excess fat additional incisions are required to be made. Chin liposuction surgery normally lasts for around 45 minutes to one hour. The surgical procedure is the safest and produces effective results. Chin liposuction is also known as submentum liposuction or facial liposuction. Submentum liposuction is the most effective way of getting rid of chubbiness under skin, jowls or double chin.

Laser chin liposuction surgery is the most advanced and new technology. The surgical procedure is quite similar to the traditional surgery but liposuction cannula is replaced with a small probe with laser. This treatment is extensively used in USA but most of the surgical experts and doctors donít prescribe this, as it is not effective in the removal of large fat collections.

There is no suction involved in the laser chin liposuction surgery. The fat cells are vaporized with the usage of high frequency vibration, light energy. The laser light produced tightens the surrounding skin thus preventing the baggy excess skin that is visible in traditional surgery invisible. This surgery is done on outpatient treatment basis and lasts only 30-60 minutes.

Even though laser chin liposuction surgery is safer it is not prescribed for patients suffering from blood clotting problems, liver or kidney problems or diabetes. Choosing the experienced surgeon is the most important factor for achieving excellent results.

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