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Eye lift surgery

Eye lift surgery

Many of women and even men always look for new ways to look young and retain their charm of glamorous looks. In their zeal they leave no stone unturned and undergo cosmetic surgeries to even small and minute part of the face.
One such type of cosmetic treatment is eyelift surgery. This is one of the ways followed by men and women to improve their facial beauty. Eyelift surgery helps in reshaping the eyelids and thus giving a fresh new look to the eyes of a person.

Blepharoplasty is the technical name of eyelift surgery and is not only more popular but also extremely complicated which requires one to take good care and all the necessary precautions. Blepharoplasty involves a surgeon making an incision through which the excess fat is removed. The incision can be made just beneath the eyelashes or inside the eyelid. Even excess fat if any thing is present is also removed. The skin is then tightened after the removal of excess fat. Once the skin is tightened the eyes will get a new look and present a grand young look.

With the reduction of pluffiness, the skin under the eye or the crinkled skin on the eyelid look even smoother. Eyelift surgery can be performed either on lower eye, upper eye or both parts of the eyes. The surgery is quite expensive as with all cosmetic surgeries and it starts from $2000 depending on the type of eyelift surgery.

Complications in Eye Lift Surgery

People should undergo eyelift surgery after consulting and discussing all the related techniques, methods and procedures involved and also about the risks in the surgery with an expert surgeon. If a person takes eyelift treatment under the guidance of an expert physician then the risks involved are very minimal.

You are increasing the risk level only when you hide your past health issues and history along with your past medical complications. So you should first come clean with your medical records before you expect to enjoy the full fruits of the eye lift surgery. Unless until you come clean with your health problems you can not expect excellent results even if your doctor is very efficient and has incomparable reputation.

Who can undergo Eye Lift Surgery?

For a person to undergo any cosmetic surgery maintaining a sound health is the most important factor is mandatory. People with dry eyes, thyroid issues and mental health problems are also not eligible to undergo the eyelift surgery. The condition and suitability of the person is decided at the prescreening process as in case of any normal eye surgery. The personís expectations, ambitions from the eye lift surgery also plays an important role in deciding whether he qualifies for the surgery or not.

Majority of the people are not aware of the real benefits of eyelift surgery and they consider it only as an anti aging cosmetic surgery that enhances the beauty and youthfulness of a person. But the eyelift surgery helps in improving the line of vision of the people with the removal of excess skin thus preventing the sag around the eyes.

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