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Face lift surgery

Face lift surgery

Rhytidectomy is also known as face lift surgery is a well known cosmetic surgical process used to give face a youthful exuberant look reducing wrinkles on the face and in the process eliminate telltale signs of aging of the face. The face-lift surgery is useful in the harmful effects produced by stress, time and elements.

People before pursuing a facelift should know the details of the advantages and disadvantages of facelift surgery. Many people undergo facelift surgery with the sole aim of achieving young look and eliminate the aging resemblances and features that are visible on the face. While undergoing the facelift surgery people are under the impression and tend to think that facelift produces permanent youthful look.

People should realize that facelift surgery produces nothing of those sorts and the effects of aging will be visible over the passage of time though in a less striking and dramatic manner. The only advantage of this process is that the results are better than any other available form of treatments.

Types of Face lift Surgery

There are different types of facelift surgery and one should select a surgery that is best suitable, convenient and the one that produces the best longstanding results in consultation with the doctor. There are endoscopic facelift, mid face-lift, short scar face-lift, deep plane lift and traditional facelift.

Traditional facelift is the most oldest, tested and result oriented type of facelift surgery. The process involves making of incisions with in the hairline that is extending behind and down in front of the ears. After the incisions the skin is pulled back and the repositioning of the deep facial tissues or superficial musculoaponeurtoic system (SMAS). The repositioned skin is sewn together after cutting and removing the excess skin. This surgery is more suitable for people having loose neck skin and sagging mid facial skin. The only disadvantage of the traditional form of facelift is that it produces very long scars and has the longest post surgery recovery time.

Deep facelift is very similar to traditional facelift but is extensive in its approach to facelift. In this procedure the facial and skin muscles are separated from the deep facial tissues. After the separation reshaping of the skin and muscles is performed. Deep facelift surgery is very result oriented and the results produced are long-lasting even up to 15 years and is suitable for several sagging and wrinkling removals.

Short scar facelift surgery involves making of only a short scar or incision as the name suggests and the incision extends only up to front earlobe or to the temples. This doesn’t involve making incision up to the back of the ear. Even though this procedure is not in-depth or extensive compared to traditional or deep facelift surgery it gives the face a new look and removes wrinkles around smile lines and jowls. This facelift is not effective in removing sagging skin in the neck or lower face.

Mid facelift helps in the repositioning and reshaping of tissues of cheekbones is done by making small incisions in the mouth and the hairline. But this is not as effective as short scar lift. Endoscopic facelift surgery makes use of camera with small probe, which minimizes the scars produced on the face. The recovery process is quick and produces better results with minimum scars that can be easily hidden.

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