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Liposuction surgery

Liposuction surgery

Liposuction surgery is used in combination along with other plastic surgery techniques. Liposuction is used to remove pockets of fat from troublesome areas of the body like upper arms, abdomen, thighs and hips.
There are different types of liposuction procedures that cater to the needs of various sections of people. One should choose a liposuction procedure that achieves his or her cosmetic goals. One of the most popular kind of surgery amongst the middle aged people, Liposuction surgery helps achieve the goals of the people to shed extra amount of fat from undesirable parts of the body and enhance their beauty.

Body care with Liposuction Surgery

Now a days Liposuction surgery and its procedures have become very common among the surgeons. Previously people who underwent this surgery underwent lot of pain but with the advancement of technology and improved features have made liposuction procedure very easy with out any pain.

Even after the patients are discharged from the hospital, they are provided with checklists explaining them about the dos and doníts after the surgery and the necessary follow up that is required with the doctor. This will help people to take extra care once they reach the home after the surgery.

Some of the important dos and doníts for those who have undergone liposuction surgery are mentioned below so that it will be beneficial for them.

Patients should use the compression garment that they are put in after the surgery. Patients are required to be in the compression garment for two days depending on the nature of the surgery. They have to wear the compression garment for three weeks expect during the shower. After three weeks patient have to wear the garment for another three hours when they are awake.

People should make it a point to wear the garment as liposuction surgery is done for the removal of fat and so the fat should be compressed as much as possible to prevent sagging in the area. Starting three weeks are extremely important for the reinitiating of the bonding process and with in one and half months the process will normally complete.

Some of the techniques from the surgeon may result in leakage from the incisions after the surgery. This is due to the fluids used during the liposuction procedure not been totally sucked out during liposuction surgery.

Patients should expect to see bruising after the surgery, as it is common when removing all the fat from the area. These areas will be extremely sore from the liposuction. People should take care so that the compression garment is always clean. People should do nothing for some days after the liposuction. For more than two weeks they should avoid doing heavy activity.

Since body requires utmost care after the liposuction surgery, patients should consult and follow the surgeonís advice to the core in order to achieve excellent positive results. Complete rest is a must so that the body is allowed to heal after the surgery so that it heals and regains the cohesiveness it had before the surgery.

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