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Micro peel process

Micro peel process

There are many anti aging products and processes that are coming into the market to cash in on to the peoples growing awareness for staying young forever and their quest for achieving their dream along with their anxiety by following different techniques and procedures. One of the procedures that is gaining in reputation and wide range of acceptance is micro peel process.

Micro peel process involves a three-stage process of facial treatment that involves cleansing, exfoliation and cryogenic stage. This process is similar to chemical peeling treatment or facial treatment but is more effective and produces quicker and faster results by acting aggressively.

An aggressive form of chemical peeling, micro peel process offers quicker results, which removes scars, pigmentations and helps in resolving acne breakouts in just one sitting. This process is extremely stronger and powerful compared to other standard forms and procedures of facials.

Procedure of Micro peel Process

As explained the micro peel process involves the steps of cleansing, exfoliation and cryogenic stage. During cleansing micro peel helps in the removal of dirt and debris from the surface of the skin. In the exfoliation stage alpha hydroxy acid is applied which removes the dead skin cells by penetrating deeper into the surface of the skin. This potent and powerful acid also helps in clearing the skin from debris, oil and embedded dirt. The final cryogenic stage has frozen carbon dioxide applied on the skin. The application of frozen carbon dioxide helps in killing of the skin cells that is not possible during the stage of exfoliation. Once all these skin cells are killed a new layer of fresh skin is revealed form where sun damaged cells, clogged pores and black heads are effectively removed.

The entire procedure of micro peel process lasts for around 15-20 minutes with no major side effects on the skin. Not even redness or soreness is noticed on the skin. Than most important advantage of the micro peel process is that the entire process is customized to suit the individual skin types so that there won’t be any burning or inflammation of the skin during the treatment.

The customized form of micro peel process enable people to make use of the advanced procedure and derive benefits with no amount of risk involved. A series of micro peel process treatments help people achieve the goal of having a new glowing skin.

Advantages of Micro peel Process

The friendly and user-friendly micro peel process enable people to achieve skin that is more toned and tighter, more resilient and smoother form of skin, elimination of wrinkles and fine lines, firmer and stronger skin and a skin that is free from all forms of acne, blemishes, clogged pores and black heads.

As micro peel reduces blemishes and shrinks pores, you can get a glowing skin with clear and fair complexion. This also acts as a perfect ant aging treatment and the cost range anything from 150-200 $ depending on the reputation of the surgeon and the clinic. Micro peel process is the most suitable short-term treatment, which is also very cost effective for the benefit of the people.

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