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Many millions of people and patients are getting attracted to a non invasive treatment known as Microdermabrasion. People in their quest for smoother and softer skin to look younger and charismatic are embracing this form of treatment.

The process of Microdermabrasion involves usage of specialized wand device. Top layers of the skin is blasted with fine crystals with the help of this device which helps in knocking off the dead cells and cleaning them away with the help of a vacuum like machine. This helps the skin to reveal and show off the undamaged fresh new layers.

Microdermabrasion is becoming extremely popular because of its quick, simple and easy style compared to chemical peels, which consumes an hour or so. The process hardly takes five to ten minutes. Patients who undergo this treatment can resume their work after the completion, as there is no pain involved in the procedure.

What to expect from Microdermabrasion

Treatment of Microdermabrasion is extremely effective and produces smooth skin with healthy facial glow. It also reduces the fine lines appearing on the face but the procedure will not completely erase or reduce the deep wrinkles. As the treatment involves non invasive methods one should not expect the results to be anywhere near the results of invasive plastic surgery methods. Face lift is best recommended for the removal of majority of major wrinkles.

Patients are required to undergo 5-6 treatments in a month duration for better results and gradually this frequency can be reduced a treatment per month for optimal maintenance. Each treatment costs around 100-400 $. Microdermabrasion treatment cannot cure severe acne and generally patients with these severe infection symptoms are not considered for treatment.

Even at home Microdermabrasion kits are available in the market and these are recommended for milder treatment issues. Over usage may produce better results but also has its own side effects such as damage to facial skin if used more than one time a week. People should get in touch with an expert dermatologist whose consultation will help discover whether the Microdermabrasion suits him or not.


Microdermabrasion is a good way of realizing younger and charming look on the face without having to face the needles and knives to achieve the results. The advantages of the treatment is that there are no after treatment side effects like redness or swelling. Since there are no side effects, even post recovery process is also not there. The only disadvantage is its inexplicable results. Some times there are excellent unmatched results and some times there are less or ineffective results. So patients are just taking a chance by undergoing this treatment by spending so much time and money for no results.

Consultation with reputed and expert dermatologist is the need of the hour to find out whether you are suitable or not for undergoing Microdermabrasion treatment and get excellent results. Choosing a best clinic and famed dermatologist helps one to achieve the ambition of looking young for ever and enjoy the success of the treatment.

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